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Aboriginal Heritage around The Entrance

We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal people – the traditional custodians of this land. There is a long cultural and spiritual connection to the land around The Entrance which can be seen in the rich heritage of aboriginal engravings, ceremonial sites, sacred objects, traditional bush tucker and native fauna.

The Entrance was originally known as “Karagi”, meaning ‘entrance’ or ‘doorway’ in the language of the local Aboriginal people who occupied the land prior to white settlement.

In 1796 shipwrecked fishermen landed on the coast. They were fed by the local Aborigines who guided them to Sydney. Chinese fishermen established a fishing base in the 1820s and a timber industry also developed. Tourism began with completion of the Sydney to Newcastle train line in 1889 and the freeway in the 1960’s. Since then much of the landscape has been urbanised and natural landscapes destroyed. Fortunately knowledge of the aboriginal history and significance of sacred sites has been passed down through the generations so there is still an aboriginal connection to the land.

To learn about local Aboriginal culture, bush tucker, bush medicine and survival skills, you can join a walking tour with qualified Aboriginal guides through the local National Parks. ‘True Australian Journey’ in The Entrance offers a host of activities including walking tours, visiting cultural sites, dance and didgeridoo performances, Aboriginal Art and environmental education. At this point only larger groups are catered for. For further information visit www.trueaustralianjourney.com.au. Walkabout Wildlife Park also offers aboriginal culture tours at Calga. Contact www.walkaboutpark.com.au. Yengo National Park has an impressive array of rock carvings and aboriginal information at Finchley Trig. The National Park office has more information at www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Please travel mindfully, remembering the footsteps of the ancestors who walked before you, and those who will follow you.

Hand prints Calga photo

Hand prints Calga

Aboriginal totem drawings photo

Aboriginal totem drawings

Mt Yengo photo

Mt Yengo

Finchley Trig rock carving photo

Finchley Trig rock carving


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